Wills and Powers of Attorney

The attorneys of Lyon, Gorsky & Gilbert, L.L.P. are available to help you and your family create wills and important powers of attorney that are essential in the event of death or incapacitation. A will is a legal instrument which states how the testator’s property is to be distributed at death. A valid will avoids many of the problems that may arise from dying without a will and allows a person to leave property to the persons he or she desires. When a person dies without a will, the law determines who are the heirs. You don’t want the state determining who receives your property. Dying without a will may trigger undesired results and unexpected costs and delays.

Our affordable will service includes various powers of attorney essential for ensuring you are prepared in the event of incapacitation. Our affordable flat rate includes unlimited access to an attorney and legal assistant. We invite you to come to our office to execute all of the necessary instruments. We will provide witnesses and a notary at no additional charge.

Ask Bob G.

GOT A QUESTION? If you have a legal question that you can put into a few sentences, send it here and Bob Gorsky will reply. Please be concise and if Bob can’t answer it in a few words, he’ll contact you for further discussion or a referral to an attorney with the required expertise. Also, note that due to ethical and privacy concerns, Bob’s reply will be for information purposes only and is not intended as a formal legal consultation. A personal meeting or a more detailed telephone conference may be needed.