Public Integrity Investigations

The attorneys of Lyon, Gorsky & Gilbert, L.L.P. have been representing police officers, fire fighters, and other public employees in public integrity investigations at the federal, state and local agency level since the inception of the firm.

Public Integrity Investigations are criminal in nature. There is NO protection afforded under Garrity for these investigations. Your statements will be used against you. If the interview by the detective is custodial in nature, you have a right to a Miranda warning, but do not speak with the detective until you have consulted an attorney.

One large metropolitan area publishes this mission statement of its public integrity unit: “The District Attorney’s Public Integrity Division ensures that public and appointed officials — and their subordinates — fulfill their legally mandated duties. To this end, the District Attorney’s Office will use all resources at its disposal to detect, investigate and prosecute criminal misconduct at all levels of public service.” Again, this is a criminal investigation and it is aimed at the public employee.

All too often, public employees contact us after meeting with a public integrity detective and after the detective has turned on the public employee.

When public integrity contacts you, the most important and first thing that should be done is to contact an attorney who represents public employees in this situation. Now is not the time to call just another attorney.

If you are member of the Dallas Police Association, the Texas Municipal Police Association, or the Texas DPS Officers Association one of our experienced attorneys is available to you immediately. You can reach one of Lyon Gorsky’s critical-incident-response attorneys immediately by dialing 1-800-711-BLUE (2583).

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