Criminal Law

The criminal defense practice at Lyon, Gorsky & Gilbert, L.L.P.

Lyon Gorsky is committed to the belief that a person accused of a criminal offense deserves to be represented by experienced lawyers who provide a vigorous defense at a reasonable fee. Whether it will be a lengthy jury trial, the negotiation of a favorable plea agreement or a complicated appeal, any client of Lyon Gorsky will know that he or she has a dedicated team representing the accused’s interests and one that will fight to the finish.

Ask Bob G.

GOT A QUESTION? If you have a legal question that you can put into a few sentences, send it here and Bob Gorsky will reply. Please be concise and if Bob can’t answer it in a few words, he’ll contact you for further discussion or a referral to an attorney with the required expertise. Also, note that due to ethical and privacy concerns, Bob’s reply will be for information purposes only and is not intended as a formal legal consultation. A personal meeting or a more detailed telephone conference may be needed.

On March 6, 2013 LGGL attorneys, in conjunction with the Texas Municipal Police Association, presented this critical incident class in Allen, Texas to local law enforcement officers.