Employment Law, Contract Negotiation, & Labor Issues

Our employment law and labor relations practice (Bob Gorsky, John Snider, David K. Watsky and Zach Horn) is led by Bob Gorsky. The practice includes a special emphasis on the representation of public employees, particularly law enforcement officers and fire fighters. Few attorneys and even fewer law firms enjoy a similar experience in the representation of those who serve the public.

The law firm serves as legal counsel for a number of employee associations including many law enforcement and fire fighter associations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, as well as statewide. It is believed that Bob Gorsky was the first attorney to regularly respond to critical incidents involving law enforcement officers. Bob has responded to hundreds of such incidents over the past 35 years and the combined number of responses from the critical-incident attorneys exceed 1000.

Our employment practice encompasses a wide range of employment-related matters. The firm has handled a wide variety of employment disputes, including equal opportunity issues; wrongful discharge; gender, age, race, disability, national origin, and religious discrimination in violation of state and federal law; actions alleging violation of the Equal Pay Act; violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act; violation of the National Labor Relations Act; violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act; and violation of other state and federal wage and hour laws; whistle-blowers; tenure disputes; Title IX and numerous other employment issues. The firm’s attorneys represent clients in proceedings before federal and state courts. The firm also has extensive appellate experience that can be beneficial to its clients.

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